Setting the Standard for Electric Vehicle Charging Safety

Kristoffer Repstad

Head of E-Mobility


The electric vehicle revolution is gaining momentum not only in Norway but globally. Alongside this trend come stricter requirements and expectations for charging stations. In this landscape, ONEPOLE has distinguished itself, not only with the prestigious TUV Rheinland certification but also by passing demanding tests for ingress protection (IP), robustness (IK-), and salt spray resistance.


Why is this important for installers?

Simply explained, designing a charging pedestal may seem similar to creating an electrical guide tube, but it doesn't automatically ensure approval for essential connections or fuses. ONEPOLE, with its TUV certification from one of the strictest testing organizations globally, ensures that the charging pedestal surpass industry expectations.


For many, EV charging is a daily routine, emphasizing the importance of safety. This is now a critical societal infrastructure. Charging stations and pedestal needs to be both efficient, safe and durable. The ONEPOLE, guarantees exactly that.


- Our primary focus will always be electrical safety, states Kjetil Andresen, head of private charging at Mer, who has already adopted the ONPOLE. 

- To ensure that our customers receive safe and future-proof charging solutions, it is more important than ever to use a solution that meets all requirements. Therefore, it is reassuring to know that ONEPOLE has obtained the TUV certification”

ONEPOLE's certification ensures that the pole is ideal for use with fuses and terminal connectors. This provides installers and users with confidence, knowing they are using a product that meets high international safety standards.


Many installers face challenges with deviations from regulatory authorities due to lack of documentation. ONEPOLE's certification eliminates this concern. In short, ONEPOLE addresses the main challenges faced by installers, providing a secure, certified solution for today's and tomorrow's need


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